Miller STH 270 Pulsed Tig Welder, Water Cooled Package, 400v 3ph

A compact and portable pulsed DC Tig Welder. Features digital amperage/voltage display, postflow timer, Hot Start/Arc Force, 2T/4T, HF Start and Lift Arc Start. This water cooled package includes, 3m 300A ground cable, MH Trolley, Hydracool 270 Water Cooler, 10L Blu Liquid Coolant, 2m gas hose, Elga Optimator Argon regulator with economiser and flowmeter (0 – 35L/min) 5/8″ Side Entry, 3/8″ Outlet.

Amperage Range, Duty Cycle:
5 – 270A, 270A at 40% DC

Max Open-Circuit Voltage:
50 Volt

TIG-HF, TIG Lift-Arc, Pulsed TIG, Stick

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