Ergus 909 DP

Mains voltage 3x400V-10+15%
Frequency 50/60Hz
OCV 250 V
PLASMA Nominal Power 15,3 KW
PLASMA arc voltage 110 – 136 V
Nominal current 26 A
Protective Fuses 25 A time-lag
PLASMA duty cycle 90 A – 40%
PLASMA output at 100% duty cycle 55 A
Power factor 0,85
Degree of protection IP 21 S
Insulation Class F
Working temperature -10°C+40°C
Size (mm) 420x180x270
Weight 16,60 Kg

PLASMA regulation field 26 – 90 A
Type of arc ignition Pilot arc with HF

Quality cut-CARBON STEEL (mm) 25
Severance-CARBON STEEL (mm) 30
Quality cut-STAINLESS STELL (mm) 25
Severance-STAINLESS STELL (mm) 27
Quality cut-ALUMINUM (mm) 23
Severance-ALUMINUM (mm) 25
Air flow (lt/min.) max.200
Pressure (bar.) 5,0

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